Acer Chromebook 514 Review: Striking the Perfect Balance



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Just a few years ago, we only had a new Chromebook release every so often. Each new device that showed up was cause for excitement, mainly because we'd get some new feature of some sort that we didn't have in a Chromebook before it. We'd get excited over IPS screens, backlit keyboards, glass trackpads and fingerprint scanners. Anything new was cause for a bit of celebration, even if the Chromebook as a whole was a bit of a letdown.

These days, most of the big features you want in a laptop are present in Chromebooks. They don't all have every single feature, but we've seen enough great screens, great keyboards, and great chassis on enough devices at this point to not fall head over heels for the latest, newest thing. At this point in the Chromebook story, it really comes down to user experience, cutting the right corners, reasonable asking prices, and striking the perfect balance between all of those things while keeping the performance in a solid spot. And, much to my surprise, the Acer Chromebook 514 does that just about as well as any Chromebook I've tested. Let's talk about why.

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